Roundtrip 5 Days – 5 Nights

Roundtrip 5 Days – 5 Nights


rrival at Muscat International airport, Meet and assist and transfer to your hotel. 

Pick-up at 16:00 for an Evening Tour of Muscat.

We begin our tour with a visit the Bait Al-Zubair Museum. It is one of the most informative museums in Oman and focuses mainly on the traditional culture and lifestyle of the people of the Sultanate.

From here we proceed on to see the Sultan’s Palace which is flanked by the 16th century Portuguese forts Mirani and Jalali. The forts were built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

From here you will drive to the Cornice which fringes the old Muscat town – better known as Muttrah. The Cornice is near the Al-Sultan Qaboos port and Muttrah Souq. A short stop will allow you to visit the souq and stock up on all the typical Oman souvenirs that are sold in almost every shop! At night all the ships in the harbor are also illuminated, especially His Majesty the Sultan’s personal yacht. On the way back we shall pass through the old city of Muscat. Back to the hotel.



Portuguese fort Jilali


0800hrs:- Drive to visit the Grand Mosque, the most beautiful architectural piece of work. The Mosque was built over a period a period of 6 years from 1996 to 200.1. The main chandelier is made of pure Swarovski crystal and the carpet adorning the large prayer hall was woven by experts, made out of pure Persian silk. The Mosque exterior is constructed with quality Rajasthani Sandstone and the main halls as well as the smaller prayer rooms are adorned with the finest Italian Marble. The Mosque is surrounded by 5 minarets, each of which symbolizes the holy five vows taken by every devout Muslim to reinforce his faith in the Almighty. Definitely a “must see” !

(Remarks – Dress code to Grand Mosque – Women should wear attire covering their arms and legs and should cover their head with scarf. Men should wear normal shirt and trousers)

From here, proceed to the old capital of Oman, Nizwa. Upon reaching Nizwa, visit the Big Round Fort of the Yarubas dynasty, strategically built atop a hill overlooking the ancient with its colorful domes and bustling market. Take a stroll in down town. Feel free to mingle with the crowd and let the Omani ambience take hold of you. The town is still a bustling centre for crafts and the silver Souq is the best in Oman.

Later we will seek out the village ruins of Old Tanuf, Walk amongst the ruins of Tanuf and study the use of loam with which the town was built. Tanuf is famous for its mineral water springs. Proceed towards Al Hamra through the mountains and then descend down to visit an old village reminding of Yemenite architecture.

From here proceed to visit the beautiful rocky village of Misfat al Abryeen. The mountain village is set amidst stunning landscape and has hardly changed over the years. The most striking feature of this village is the ancient houses perched on top of mountains surrounded by green date palms that run up the heights. The flourishing date palms on the mountains, is a rare sight as in most other areas they grow on the plains. Here you will witness Falaj system that is been still used by the locals on this village. Lunch at the Misfat Old House, will give you a traditional dining experience.

After lunch, proceed to the mighty bastion of Jabrin and the crown seat of the Yarubas Dynasty, built in the 17th century. Archaeologists and onlookers alike have marvelled at the style and architecture of this fort. This is one of the few forts designed as a residence where the wooden doors are elegantly carved out and the latticework on the windows are ornate.

Then to Bahla, the oldest recorded region of civilization in Oman. There is a huge loam fort, which is at present under renovation. Because of its cultural importance, the town is listed in UNESCO’s list of heritage monuments. Bahla is also known as the pottery capital of Oman.


Misfat al Abryeen


After breakfast, Leave Nizwa and stop at Birkat Al Mawz, a charming oasis, which is enchanting with its date palm trees and plantation. Later we head towards Sinaw to experience the souk before reaching the thriving oasis of Mudharid.

From here head to ruins of Al Minsfah, explore the area on foot and discover the some fine examples of traditional architecture and carved wooden doors as your guide briefs you about the history of this once thrived community. Stop for Lunch at a local restaurant.

After lunch, head to the Golden undulating sand of the Wahiba.Visit some Bedouin settlement and experience the life style and the Bedouin hospitality. Later check in at the Camp. Indulge in some dune bashing en-route to the camp.

After a time of relaxation in the tranquillity of the desert, we will head up to one of the dunes to watch the sundown with refreshments. The sight is as if the desert swallows the sun. Later head back to the camp for dinner.


Birkat al mouz


Wake up to the desert sunrise with breakfast at the camp.

Camel ride at the camp available from 0800hrs – 1000hrs for all guests freely.

Leave the camp and desert, and head into the mountains looking for that long lost “Shangri-La”, Wadi Bani Khalid. Here we will find an oasis of clear running water and verdant plant life, a veritable heaven on earth.

From here we drive to the old east African part. Sur. Upon reaching Sur, pass through a typical Omani village Ayjahand explore the many charms for all onlookers. Sur also features many fine old homes with carved doors and arabesque windows.

We will visit the traditional wooden Omani Dhows factory, where you may have the opportunity to witness the craftsman at work. Check-In at the hotel.

20:00Hrs:- After dinner (not included in the package), proceed to visit the turtle sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz Tuetle Reserve, where at night the Green Turtles after a journey of thousands of kilometres will come ashore to lay their eggs. At the reserve it will be collective guided tour that will be conducted by an appointed ranger from the reserve for Turtle Watching.

Optional: – If you are unto the task there is a dawn turtle watching visit available at 0345hours. The additional benefit of a dawn visit is that you are able to take photographs which are not allowed during a night visit.


Fins Beach


eave Sur and travel along the scenic coastal road.

Pass though “Qalhat” where you will find the Tomb of Bibi Miriam (currently under restoration), the only building left standing after the town was razed by the Portuguese in 1503.

Reach Wadi Shab, meaning “Gorge between the cliffs”. Begin the two hour hike through one of Oman’s scenic wadis. The path winds its way through caves, plantations, cliff and deep pools with scenery changing at every step. At the end of Wadi Shab there is a swim through the famous keyhole into the secluded world of thrilling fantasy. Picnic Lunch and relax a while.

From here visit “Bimah sinkhole”, a geological formation of the karst topography and a scenic wonder before we make our way back to Muscat.  

Kindly note that the wadi is strewn with rocks and pebbles which makes walking difficult. Advisable to wear sturdy walking shoes


Breakfast at the hotel.

The day will be at leisure for own arrangements and activities.

(Option excursions to Oman Dive Center can be arranged to spend your time at the beautiful cove resort with it beach / water short activities)

1400 hrs:-Checked out and transfer to Muscat International Airport for you onward journey.

Sunset Wahiba sands